Welcome to Robert Stross Chartered
Welcome to Robert Stross Chartered
Robert Stross Chartered
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Who We Are

We are a full-service consulting firm that has provided services to the international community since 1975.


Robert E. Stross, CPA, who has over 45 years experience in the Federal marketplace and in consulting for diverse organizations, is available under a retainer to provide expert assistance with pricing, indirect costing and audit resolution.


Contact Mr. Stross about his low initial retainer and hourly rates. All consultations will be maintained confidential. Please see our Consulting Services and topical Blog.

What We Do

Robert E. Stross, CPA, consults for a limited number of organizations under a low initial retainer in such matters as:

  • Bidding USAID contracts, grants and cooperative agreements and preparing and negotiating a teaming agreement
  • Reviewing an organization's cost recovery structure and preparing its indirect cost rate proposal
  • Conducting a vulnerability assessment of an organization's compliance with the USAID's rules and regulations
  • Validating an organization's field office controls
  • Preparing and reviewing an organization's accounting policies and procedures manual
  • Preparing a Cost Accounting Standards Disclosure Statement
  • Preparing a contractor's incurred cost submission
  • Contract negotiations and audit resolution

NGO Financial Newsletter

We publish a monthly newsletter via email for paid subscribers. The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Newsletter for USAID funded NGOs and contractors contains topical information on key USAID accounting, audit, grant/contracting, pricing, tax and compliance issues pertinent to a USAID-funded NGO (e.g., non-profit organizations, universities, and for-profit firms). In addition to reporting significant government-wide matters, NGO Financial Newsletter tracks specific developments in: legislation. funding opportunities, regulatory changes affecting contracts and assistance, accounting promulgations, OIG and DCAA audit reports, related GAO decisions and reports, Federal Circuit and District Courts and ASBCA/CBCA/HHS DAB decisions and cases, agency reports, trends in awards, U.S. tax considerations, Federal legislation and analyses.


Price for users from same organization:

  • 1-5 users: US $425/yr
  • 6-25 users: US $600/yr
  • more than 25 users: US $800/yr

You may complete an online form to subscribe to the NGO Financial Newsletter

January 2015 NGO Financial Newsletter
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